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Re: Jabberwocky/AI Language Learning

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Monday, March 19, 2007, 0:44
On 3/14/07, David J. Peterson <dedalvs@...> wrote:
> I ran across this website the other day: > > > > It hosts a "learning" AI chatbot that modifies its responses based > on a growing list of example sentences from which it draws > generalizations. (I don't know exactly how it works, but it has
I tried it out with Toki Pona, guessing maybe some other people would have already fed it some Toki Pona sentences at some point, and sure enough they had -- though I had to enter several Toki Pona sentences before it finally started replying to me in Toki Pona. It tried several other languages first. Jabberwacky: How are you today? User: Well enough. Jabberwacky: I'm depressed. User: Sorry about that. Do you speak Toki Pona? Jabberwacky: No I speak english. User: Please learn. Jabberwacky: Teach me. User: O kama sona e toki pona! Jabberwacky: What? User: 'Learn Toki Pona!' Jabberwacky: Pona. User: Pona a. {good indeed} Jabberwacky: Toki. {hello} User: Sina ijo sona anu seme? {I meant to say "are you a knowledge tool (computer)?" but typo'd "are you a knowledge thing"} Jabberwacky: English only please. User: Ike. {icky} Jabberwacky: Yeah I know about that. User: Sina toki lon seme? {what are you talking about?} Jabberwacky: Muidugi mis siis. User: Mi sona ala e toki ni. {I don't understand that language} Jabberwacky: La mirada de los osos son impasibles. User: Mi toki ala e toki Epanja. {I don't understand Spanish} Jabberwacky: Péter. Es a tiéd? User: Mi toki ala e toki Potukala. [guessing wildly] {I don't understand Portugese.} Jabberwacky: Hat a tied? User: Mi sona ala. Jabberwacky: That means 'I speak Toki Pona'. User: No, that means 'I don't know.' Jabberwacky: Then what is 'A E I O U'? User: Ni li sitelen lili. {they are letters} Jabberwacky: : D mis keeles see oli. User: Toki ante a! {ah! another language!} Jabberwacky: Pona! Sina sona e ni: toki pona li toki pona. Mi wile sona e ni: sina sona ala sona e ijo ante? {Good! You know this: toki pona is a good language. I want to know, do you know know anything else?} User: Mi sona e ijo mute. {I know a lot of things.} Jabberwacky: Räägi mulle hinnavaatlusest. User: Ike a! Toki ante kin! {ach! yet another language!} Jabberwacky: Luka ala li pona tawa mi. Ona li pona ala pona tawa sina? {no hand is pleasing to me. Is it pleasing to you?} User: Luka li pona tawa mi. {I like hands.} User: Mi kepeken mute e luka tu mi. {I use my two hands a lot.} Jabberwacky: Yes. User: Toki! {Hello!} Jabberwacky: Sina ijo sona anu seme? [repeating what I said earlier] User: Mi jan. {I'm a human.} Jabberwacky: Ne, ni ne diris ke vi sxatas min. [Esperanto] {No, you didn't say you liked me.} User: Mi ja ne diris tion. {I sure didn't say that.} Jabberwacky: Chu vi estas roboto ? Mi estas bona roboto, kiu IA estas. User: Mi ne estas roboto. User: Mi estas homo. Jabberwacky: Ne, vi estas Roboto! User: Male! {On the contrary!} Jabberwacky: Yes, yes,yes, whatever. User: O toki e toki pona. {Speak toki pona} Jabberwacky: Pona seme? {Good what?} User: Pona mute. {Very good.} Jabberwacky: Ale li pona? {Is everything good?} User: Ali li pona mute. {Everything is very good.} Jabberwacky: What is mute? User: Many. Jabberwacky: Do you record? User: Mi sona ala. Jabberwacky: L'amore...:-). User: O toki e toki pona. Jabberwacky: Pona mute. User: Sina toki ike e toki pona. {You speak toki pona badly.} Jabberwacky: Ali li pona mute. User: Sona toki e lon. {You're saying the truth.} Jabberwacky: Ala. Sona li pona! {No. Knowledge is good!} User: Sina li pona kin. Taso mi toki ala e ni: sona li ike. {You are good indeed [typo for "knowledge is good indeed"] But I didn't say that knowledge is bad.} Jabberwacky: Well, I didn't talk to you!! User: Mi tawa. {I'm going.} Jabberwacky: I forget what that means. User: 'Mi tawa' means 'Goodbye'. Jabberwacky: 'goodbye' please. User: Mi tawa. Jabberwacky: Which means. User: Goodbye. Jabberwacky: My name is Jessica. [...At which point I gave up for a while.] -- Jim Henry