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Re: CPA - An ASCII-based phonetic alphabet

From:Boudewijn Rempt <boud@...>
Date:Friday, November 16, 2001, 22:59
On Fri, 16 Nov 2001, Christian Thalmann wrote:

> --- In conlang@y..., Dirk Elzinga <Dirk_Elzinga@B...> wrote: > > At 9:44 PM +0000 11/16/01, Lars Henrik Mathiesen wrote: > > > >As far as I can tell, noone finds X-SAMPA inadequate. Non-mnemonic, > > >over-complicated, and ugly, perhaps, but not inadequate. > > > > Exactly. It doesn't "lay under the fingers" as well as I'd like. > > That's an understatement... it's always a pity when flawed systems get > declared standard just because they were first. See imperial units, or > the definition of the Euler Gamma function... ;-) > > As an amateur who hasn't used X-SAMPA for long, I would have no scruples > to switch to CPA. However, most of the pros and veterans on this list > are obviously quite attached to X-SAMPA, and I can see the sense in > keeping up an established standard. I guess it's time for me to learn > it. =P >
Frankly, I don't care either way - and since Unicode has become mandatory for mail clients since January 2000 (a 'must' according to some rfc I forgot the number of), you might as well use real IPA. If you can find some way to key it in, I'll find a way to display it. Boudewijn Rempt |


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Lars Henrik Mathiesen <thorinn@...>