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Re: Hi again, new lang, and a lang tool

From:Dan Jones <feuchard@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 15:27
Aidan Grey <frterminus@...>

> Hi all,
> I'm returning from a hiatus from conlang (mostly > due to a dead computer). It's been a while, and a good > thing. While I missed the conversations and the neat > ideas, I found that it was difficult to keep Aelya > sitting still. I kept trying to incorporate every neat > thing that was mentioned. The resulting mess of 76799 > phonemes, 98679 cases, 23897 tense and 83 moods was > difficult to deal with, to say the least. Aelya still > hasn't stopped squirming, but it's getting there.
Welcome back, Aedyn! Speaking of Aelya, have you seen Norreyna (Aelya with a Norse perspective...) Dan (the one who did Arvorec) ----------------------------------------------- Ka yokonáu iti báyan: "cas'alyá abhiyo". Ka tso iti mantabayan: "yama zaláyá alánekayam la s'alika, cas'alika; ka yama yavarryekayan arannáam la vácika, labekayam vácika, ka ali cas'alyeko vanotira." ----------------------------------------------- Dan Jones


Aidan Grey <frterminus@...>