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updates from me and a question or 2

From:A. Ingram <red_grass23@...>
Date:Saturday, December 28, 2002, 8:35
Ok, so i've re-uploaded my conlang info to the files section of the yahoo
groups conlang site.  I had no problem viewing it with adobe acrobat 5.1 on
either of my computers, so try to use the latest version of adobe acrobat.
i wrote the file to be compatible with versions 4 and up.  Any comments
would be appreciated.  I expect the real fun in discussion of my conlang
will come when I've got a bit of the grammar formed.  I'm kicking a lot of
things about in my head, but right now i'm just taking in new knowledge; i
haven't written any grammar things down.  i do know that there probably
won't be gender distinctions in nouns, though they may fall into only a few
categories of forms.  i would also like the words to form the plurals with
vowel and/or non-final consonant changes (where applicable).

How many words do you all think I should have before I start to write
grammar, or should it matter at all?

I'm interested in etymological studies.  Is there anywhere where you can
find out how words relate to each other?  I know that i could make a list
and go from there, but that would be time consuming.  I'm not totally
opposed to it, however, and should it come making my own list, I wouldn't
be too discouraged.

So, let me know what you can.




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