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Re: Br'ga (was Re: Non-humanoid langs)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, April 28, 2005, 12:57

Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...> writes:
>... > Syllable structure is CV-only. Phonotactics are minimal, if any. Roots are > 1 to 3 syllables long. > > Morpheme order within words is something like: > > Adverb-Plurality-Noun-NounModifiers-Mood-Verb-Aspect > > Noun Modifiers are things like genitives, adjectives and maybe some other > stuff.
Ah, funny. Mood/Evidence goes in the same place in S11, too, but I think generally, S11 will not by agglutinating to a high degree. Maybe some derivational stuff will be there.
>... > There will be a significant pronoun and pro-verb set. I'm going to have > verb->noun derivational morphology for things like "place of x", "tool for > x" and several others. I think that in theory a "word" could get quite > Inuktitut-like.
Aha, I see. Morphology, and especially derivational morphology is not yet decided for S11. But from the experiences with Qthyn|gai I think I learned to like that kind of derivation. But the incorporation will definitely not go that far. I hope I will find more time for conlanging soon -- S11 currently makes not much progress. **Henrik