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Re: Which to major in: was Re: Lingustic Experiences (was: Phonation or Register Tones)

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 27, 1999, 18:35
Brad Coon wrote:

>> On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Kristian Jensen wrote: >> >> > whether I should study linguistics or anthropology at the >> > university this coming September. Conlanging and >> > conculturing/nationing provides the medium for deciding which >> > I'm interested in most. Interest is one thing though. But what >> > about career opportunities? What are the prospects? > >Any reason you can't do both? I did both as an undergrad and my >first time through as grad student, in theory, you might double >your career opportunities. I only know about the American >scholarly job market and that mainly through word of mouth, its not >very good for people in either field but not impossible either, >just need to be the right person at the right time.
I'll have to investigate that option. I just have this bad feeling that its not possible to do both. Since all education is free in Denmark, the government imposes a lot of restrictions to make sure that the tax-payer's money goes to the right places. I have been here long enough such that my way of thinking has been "manipulated" - I hadn't even considered the option of doing both. Thanks!! If I can do both, then that'll really ease things for my game plan. 8-) Regards, -Kristian- 8-)