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Re: [Shoebox] YASP (Yet Another Shoebox Plug)

From:The Gray Wizard <dbell@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 23, 2000, 10:17
> From: BP Jonsson > Subject: Re: [Shoebox] YASP (Yet Another Shoebox Plug) > > At 13:19 22.8.2000 -0400, The Gray Wizard wrote: > > >I have been gradually replacing the manually generated interlinear > >translations on my website with interlinears generated out of > Shoebox. In > >addition to my embarrassment in discovering so many errors in my manual > >interlinears, I was somewhat disconcerted to find that Shoebox had an > >apparent greater facility and understanding of amman iar > morphology than I, > >its creator, did. In any event, this experience, however disheartening, > >caused me to renew my recommendation that Shoebox become one of your > >conlanging tools. > > David, how do you manage to incorporate shoebox interlinears so nicely in > your emails, and how do you incorporate them into HTML?
Actually, they cut-n-paste really well with only minor reformatting. For email I set the wrap margin on my interlinear text file to about 50 characters and the use ShoeBox's "Reshape" command after generating the interlinear. This works really well. For the web, I use FrontPage and cut-n-paste into the WYSIWYG editor. I do some minor reformatting on the results to make it pretty. David David E. Bell The Gray Wizard "Wisdom begins in wonder." - Socrates