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Re: Oops, forgot something...

From:James Worlton <jworlton@...>
Date:Saturday, January 10, 2004, 17:31
Marty Rosenberg wrote:
> I forgot to mention a few things that I could especially use help with, > although everything is pretty much a blank slate for me. > > First, I have difficulty coming up with words. I tried using roots and > particles to do so, but then I realized something else: I have > difficulty coming up with those too. Is there any system I should know > of that could help me along these lines? >
My current method (algorithmic--but hey, if you've looked at my dissertation, you'd know my preference for such things... :) ): I went to and generated a bunch of random numbers between 1 and 100 formatted into 6 columns (for 2-syllable (CVC) roots). Then applied the following procedures to the numbers that resulted: (symbols: ā - a macron; ē - e macron; ō - o macron; ð - eth; þ - thorn) ONSET CONSONANT (* means this position is not filled) b (1-6) l (34-39) t (67-71) d (7-11) m (40-44) þ (72-76) f (12-16) n (45-50) ð (77-80) g (17-21) p (51-55) v (81-85) k (22-27) r (56-61) z (86-90) h (28-33) s (62-66) * (91-100) VOWEL a (1-15) ā (71-78) e (16-28) ē (79-85) i (29-38) ō (86-91) y (39-49) ay (92-96) o (50-58) ey (97-100) u (59-70) FINAL CONSONANT (* means this is empty) l (1-20) * (93-100) n (21-38) r (39-54) m (55-68) þ (69-81) v (82-92) RULES 1. z is always dropped unless it is the final consonant of the root 2. for all syllables but the first: if the final consonant of the previous syllable is: l then drop b, f, p, ð as initial consonant n then drop b, f, h, l, m, r as initial consonant r then drop l, ð as initial consonant m then drop d, f, h, n, r, t, þ as initial consonant þ then drop all initial consonants v then drop b, d, f, h, m, s, t, þ, ð, v 3. double consonants (between syllables) are allowed except for þþ and vv EXAMPLES (these are roots, the fully formed words have class endings) 66 89 45 46 54 22 sōrnon (sōr - 'cold'--I didn't like the '-non' second syllable, so I removed it) 5 91 80 44 1 21 bōþman -> bōþan ('island') 64 3 99 4 86 30 sa*bōn -> sabōn ('to learn') 94 8 94 64 26 91 *a*sev -> asev (not yet assigned) The trick is to set up your rules so they reflect the phonetic rules of your language. -- ============= James Worlton "We know by means of our intelligence that what the intelligence does not comprehend is more real than what it does comprehend." --Simone Weil


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