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Re: Metaconlinguistic terminology et alia

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Monday, July 5, 1999, 21:23
Raymond A. Brown wrote:

> At 12:32 pm -0700 4/7/99, Sally Caves wrote: > >Leo J. Moser wrote: > >> > >> do we know if PIE was SOV or SVO or .... ? > >> ~~~~~~~~~~~~ > > > >I believe I've read that Indo-European was originally > >SOV, so it stands to reason that Proto-Indo European > >may have been also. > > That's what I've understood also, tho I have to admit I don't know the full > evidence. Certainly in both ancient Greek & Latin there was a tendency to > favor SOV, especially in subordinate clauses.
For a little essay on the *kind* of evidence used to claim this, and some of its implications/uses in constructed languages, check out my essay/ripoff of a chapter of Croft's book on universals at the following URL: Ed