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Re: Now trying to decide on a Tech abjad/alphasyllabry....

From:John Quijada <jq_ithkuil@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 9, 2004, 20:47
Danny Wier wrote:

>I've already come up with Latin, Cyrillic and Arabic orthographies for
>but now I've decided to give it its own script, which is an adaptation of a >traditional 22-letter Semitic script, probably Hebrew/Aramaic (Jewish >Techians already use Hebrew), but with a LOT of modifications. A
>feature is the need to mark palatization, labialization, fortition
>and whether the consonant is followed by a vowel or by schwa/no vowel. > >So now to the more difficult and creative part: the forms of the 36
> >My goal: a Semitic-based script, still written right-to-left, with a >"Western" design like Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Armenian today.
___________________ Have you considered the idea of using "base" letters to which systematic alterations/mutations would be applied, analogous to what Tolkien did with the Futhark runes in adapting them to become the Cirth? These alterations might be used to indicate the 2ndary phonological processes (palatalization, labialization, etc.) instead of primary place/manner of articulation the way Tolkien used them. The idea of applying the kind of systematic alterations found in the Ethiopic script to a "Latinized" Hebrew- looking script would be interesting. --John Quijada


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