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Re: Relay

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Monday, March 3, 2003, 20:58
On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 07:52:53PM +0000, Jan van Steenbergen wrote:
> --- H. S. Teoh skrzypszy: > > > This message is intended for participants in the current relay. I'm > > sending it here because I've unfortunately completely lost track of it, I > > don't even know if I'm still subscribed to the relay list (note: this is > > the Yahoo! list, not the Rempts' list). > > As far as I can tell, you are still subscribed. The last message from > that list was sent on February 14 (or was it 16?). I must admit that I > forgot to notify the list after I had passed my text to you.
OK. What was the address again? :-P
> > 1) Who should I send the English translation of my entry to? :-) (Or, to > > be pedantic, to whom shall I send the English of my translation relay > > entry?) > > That would be Natalia Laurila: nata @ laurila . net
> > 2) Whoever is going after Joe Fatula, he has informed me that he might > > take a while before completing the translation. Just so whoever it is > > knows what's happening. > > Arthaey, I think? Perhaps the two of you could better switch places, then? > Otherwise this unhappy relay never meets its conclusion.
That depends on whether Joe has finished the translation. It *has* been a few days since I got his message. [snip]
> > P.S. As for people who have "accused" me of being female... now if I were > > to post in Ebisedian (which I in fact did not long ago), then it would > > become immediately obvious which persuasion I am of. Not to fault anyone, > > as for the longest time I had mistakenly assumed YHL was male... > > Hehe. Somehow I have always assumed you were male, although I have never > seen it officially confirmed, now that I think of it. I don't think that > has anything to do with the mechanism that every list member who uses a > pseudonym or initials only is male by default. It's rather you style or > writing, I guess. Nevertheless, I'm still curious what the letters H.S. > stand for.
Interesting... I've found that I've been mistaken as a female online more frequently than otherwise.
> > P.S.S. So we might consider requiring posts to CONLANG to have an > > accompanying Ebisedian translation, so that we can divine such obscure > > things as gender from the type of personal pronoun the poster uses to > > refer to _sili'_ (i.e., oneself). > > And what about those who use the epicene forms, huh?
First rule of Ebisedian epicene first person pronouns: There is no such thing as an Ebisedian epicene first person pronoun. Well OK, there is, but it's only used when quoting somebody else. Using it to refer to oneself is a sure-fire way to make a laughing stock of oneself. Not to mention the likely consignment to the Massachusetts State Home for the Bewildered... (if it weren't for the fact that it would be rather troublesome to transport someone from the Ferochromon to Massachusetts.)
> Well, we know at least one thing for sure: the list's official language, > Dutch, won't be of much help here. Had it been Polish or Russian, and > everybody wrote in the past tense, it would have been a completely > different story...
[snip] Reminds me of an essay (well, more like an anecdote) I wrote in high-school, which is completely in the present tense, and in the 2nd person. (I did it just to disprove the English teacher's claim that it's not possible to write in the 2nd person. :-P She was duly impressed, and remarked how she liked the melodramatic opening paragraph.) T -- Just because you survived after you did it, doesn't mean it wasn't stupid!


Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>