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[CONLANG] YYMMDD (was: Re: Láadan)

From:Davis, Iain E. <feaelin@...>
Date:Thursday, December 12, 2002, 16:42
> -----Original Message----- > From: Joe [mailto:joe@WANTAGE.COM]
> Myself, I thing MMDDYY is the least logical(and the reverse,
You have no idea how insane that drives me. I'm in the US...I'm burdened with that every day. :)
> if that exists). DDMMYY and YYMMDD are both quite sensible.
I prefer YYMMDD or, actually YYYYMMDD. Primarily because it sorts correctly if in a field treated as a plain number. matches the number system I'm used to: bigger units on the left. :) For clarity, since I'm in the U.S., I use YYYY-MMM-DD: 2002-Dec-12, so that they don't confuse 2002-3-4 as being April 3, instead of March 4. :) I was under the impression that many countries (I thought U.S. was the annoying exception) use either YYMMDD or DDMMYY.