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Phonology idea

From:R. Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 28, 1999, 7:38
> Van: Paul Bennett <Paul.Bennett@...> > Onderwerp: Re: Phonology idea > Datum: maandag 27 september 1999 17:15 > > I wrote: > > Something wacky just struck me: > > By pinching the nostrils to a greater or lesser extent, it is possible to > produce (truly) "nasal" stops, affricates and fricatives. I think I can
> an ejective as well, although that one risks being a bit messy. I still
need a
> notation system... > > In fact, as I sit and write this, it has just struck me that there are at
> two POAs possible by nose-pinching, one at the very bottom, and one right
at the
> end of the "true bone" section. >
Hmmm. I'm wondering how this species looks like. Can you show us a drawing of their faces? How can they pinch their noses? Do they have some little tentacles around their mouth/nose to do that?
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