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Rolexxage: phonology

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Monday, September 16, 2002, 11:53
I've finally started working on a new language called Rolexxaghe
(pronounced ["R\VLE??%aGE], ??=glottal trill).  I've had several ideas
about this language for a while, but only recently started working on it.
 The name of this language in Kontoko is _roleoake_, which is pronounced

1. Phonology

p       [p]
b       [b]
ph      [p\]
bh      [B]
pp      [B\_0]
bb      [B\]
m       [m]
t       [t]
d       [d]
th      [T]
dh      [D]
tt      [r_0]
dd      [r]
n       [n]
k       [k]
g       [g]
kh      [x]
gh      [G]
kk      voicless velar trill
gg      voiced velar trill
ñ       [N]
x       [?]
xh      [h]
xx      glottal trill
r       [R\]
l       [L]
j       [j]

a       [a]
e       [E]
i       [i]
ä       [A]
o       [V]
u       [M]

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