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Two new things that might interrest you

From:Yann Kiraly <yann_kiraly@...>
Date:Sunday, November 14, 2004, 13:30
1. My website is online now. It contains a manaki course, a manaki
dictionary and a conlang-link section. But the manaki on the site is better
and newer than the one I presented here, and for anybody who's interrested
in a simple, easy-to-learn, still-growing-vocabulary language, check it out.

2. I had the idea of creating a language that was hard to pronounce and
dark-sounding. Not because of complicated phonemes, but because of:
          1. The exclusive use of a and u as vowels.
          2. Many Consonant-Compounds that sound very similar (gsug and
          and gskug and gskuk for example) that have quite different meanings.
          3. It has a grammar consisting entirely of 218 suffixes, that are,
          with the exception of a and u, CDCVC Syllables. (D and C are two
different groups of consonants.)

Here's an overview of the language which has many names (including
Hard-to-learn-lang, gives-me-aheadache-lang and I-hate-it-lang ;) ):
C=p,t,k ([g],[t],[k])
D=s,sch,r,ch ([s],[S],[r],[x])
Syllable Structure
5 : V, CDCVC
1,2: Verbs (102)
3: Adverbs and Adjectives (72)
4: Nouns (336)
5: Suffixes (218)

a: Accusative Object Suffix
u: Nominative Subject Suffix

S: Nominative Subject
AO: Accusative Object
V: Verb
Ad(v): Adjective/Adverb
OS: Other Subject
OO: Other Object
gsgug Dative Suffix
gsguk Genitive Suffix
gsgut Instrumentive-Suffix
gstut Vocative Suffix
gstuk  to-Suffix
gstug from-Suffix
gskug as-Suffix
gsguk by-Suffix
tstut in-Suffix
gsgut first that-Suffix
sus: to watch, see
susch: to hear/listen
tchat: rabbit
tchut: lare, cave
sur: to kill
such: to eat
rus: to get
gruk I
kruk You
truk He/She/It
Example Sentences:
gruk-u tchat-a rus-gsgug such-gsguk gruk-u truk-a sur-gskug gruk-u susch
I-S rabbit-AO get-for eat-by I-S it-AO kill-as I-S hear you-from.

Tell me, is this hard to speak or is it still easy compared with another
lang you know?


Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>