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Lindiga colors

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Saturday, October 12, 2002, 1:26
The Lindiga color system is starting to come together, so I decided to
write a web page about it. It's easier to see how it works if you can see
examples of the colors, which for obvious reasons are hard to describe in a
text-only medium.

A link to the Lindiga color chart is also provided. This is, to me, the
more interesting part of the system, with all those messy arbitrary color
words like "beige" and "violet". The origin of some of these words is
fairly transparent; I tend to use words in Lindiga that remind me of words
in other languages (including English) for their mnemonic value. A few,
like "n.avri" ["n`awri] for "copper, red (of hair)", and "tligki" ["tliNgi]
for a very dark orange-yellow (roughly comparable to "sepia") are my own
creations, without conscious influence from other langs. But it's fairly
obvious that "tahni" ["tahni] is just the English word "tan" thinly

The basic Lindiga colors are derived from a decimal system, which is based
on 10 basic hues and 10 values of lightness. The exact spacing of the hues
is still undecided. I'm using a definition based on RGB for convenience,
but I might do some experimentation with LUV and LAB spaces to find out if
they'd work any better. Since monitor gamma variations have a noticeable
effect on the lightness of these colors (and to a lesser degree on the
hue), I've provided a few different versions of the chart designed for
different values of gamma. If anyone has a system with a different monitor
gamma, let me know and I'll put up another version of the chart. (Mac) (PC w/ color management) (Uncalibrated PC)

Unlike the Jarda color system, Lindiga doesn't (yet?) have any systematic
way of referring to the saturation of a color. Jarda could systematically
name 679 different colors, using suffixes that represent combinations of
saturation and value, while Lindiga can only name 281 different colors. But
in practice I never used all the complexity of the Jarda system.

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