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Hasnu teaser

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Saturday, March 16, 2002, 3:11
Okay. I have most of the grammar for Hasnu (Sturnan's sister language)
done, and here comes the fun of translating for words! Now I'll torture
you by making you read a line of it.

Nujo hasní olní melírrin olnírrin terrnoph phroph.
Now language-pat one-pat world-pro

I'll break it down for you.
Nujo = nuja "now" + -o (dative marker)
Hasní = hasnu "language" + -í (patient marker)
Olní = olna "one" + patient marker
Melírrin = melu "word" + patient marker + -rr (plural) + atquetive (that
is, "and")
Terrnoph = terrnu "world" + -oph (propetive, which serves both for "by"
and the verb "to have", unconscious inspiration perhaps from Russian)
Phroph = phru "whole" + propetive

I definitely didn't go toward English (my L1) in this. I almost wish I
had, just to make it easier. But "easy" was for Sturnan. Or was Sturnan
for the word "huri"?.... Be glad that this was short enough to need only
four cases.

Notice that nujo is in the dative form. That's what separates the
adjectives from the adverbs, that and word order. Indirect objects always
come after the verb and after the subject. If anything is initial and
dative, it's an adverb.

Pronunciation guide: j /Z/ u /@/ i /I/ í /i/ ph /P/ rr /R/. The rest
should be intuitive.

Whelp, I'm tired from my mental ephorts, and I'm not progressing, so I'll

Chris Wright