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Sino-Langs (was Re: Hey, what Su problem?)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, December 8, 2001, 22:42
In a message dated 08.12.2001 04:22:54 AM, dreamertwo@HOTMAIL.COM writes in
regards to the recurrent "Sino-threads" on this esteemed list:

>I know you [jogloran <exponent@...>] do. And Teoh >contributes. And czHANgie contributes. And Kou >contributes.
Yoon, too. Just cuz she is ::mock shock:: Korean... *gigglasnort* we shan't hold it against her ;) <fruitbatsmoochLICK to Yoon> excuse the Southern Chinese slime-ing... ::tries to think of others that have contributed as well to the Sino-Threads [& Sino-Threats]:: I think one of the Russian guys has a better grasp of Mandarin "esoterica" than most ::*brainfart*:: Can't recall if it's Pavel or Issac the Snakie or...
> But the more of us there are the more prspectives/insights >we can get/give and the longer we can stretch those threads. *g* 'Sides, >I keep hoping an expert on Wu, Gan, Xiang or Kejia Chinese will show up. > I'm desperate to learn some things about Gan and Xiang!
DAMN! And I thought I had a odd Sino-lang wish-for-more-info list. (I do... my oddball list: Southern Min; Lisu; Ham Soi; Naxi... oops! Lisu not exactly Sino, but ye peeps know what I mean... and Ham Soi is a Chinese Pidgin English and I am _always_ wanting more on Ham Soi... I even tried emailing the Nauruan government offices - their address/server is defunct) czHANgie hehe