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CHAT: More (Speedtalk Babel text)

From:Keenan <makeenan@...>
Date:Friday, December 13, 2002, 21:36
this English version won't be found in any Bible. Its been through too
many translations.

1. The whole world had a single language and a common speech then

1. eibjefj dheiaahcoo djecuu

2. Men moved eastand found a plain in Shinar and settled there

2. afjaapi djoceiei "shinar" djuupue

3. They said "Let us make bricks and bake them thoroughly"
   They did not use stone but bricks. they did not use mortar but tar

3. doup "akaaeifj djoduu"
   dause t|jaa daui t|joe

4. Then they said " Let us build a city where we will live. It will have
a tower that      will reach the sky. Then we will be famous and not
scattered all over the world

4. uedoup "akaucou $ke nrHaHercaa uekoure djei$auaa

5. But God came to see the city and the tower also that men were

5. tjeiipoecou djcacxHaaungp

6. God said "If people that speak a single language can build this, then
anything they     plan will be possible. I will confuse their language,
then a person will not          understand another person."

6. eioup "fauHeceozhaubj, ueoedireia. muerno. uecouruu$aou."

7. Then God scattered them all over the world and they stopped building
the city.

7. ueeieipdauaa djaungdeipdhou

8. So it is called Babel. There God confused the whole worlds speech.
There God    scattered the people all over the world.

8. uenoG "Babel" uueiGueceiaauu ue ueeieipcau audhaa

> Sorry, but I've studiously avoided Babel texts. Your text does look > compact, though. Do you have a writeup of the phonemes ready yet?
I still don't know the IPA. As soon as I get web access I'm going to learn it. I did have to give up the Idea of one letter one word. That only because Latin alphabet can't handle all the sounds that there needs to be in Speedtalk. Its at sound = word level though. :)
> Jeff