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Inadvertent Conlanging

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Friday, June 30, 2000, 14:33
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>>I was >>really amused when I first read about Dolgopolskij's Nostratic "hunting"
>>-- can't imagine a better use of artificially creating a proto-language. > >Well, yes - I'm afraid that I also think that, along with 'Pelasgic' which >I mentioned recently, Nostratic is an interesting conlang. > >>Just my two skeptical cents worth. > >And mine.
I still think that someone should create a web-page dedicated to Inadvertent Conlangers, people who inadvertently create fictional languages when they think they are reconstructing real ones. I wish I could rememeber the book that one of my Classics profs showed us -- it was a Reconstructed Iliad, from before Perry & Lord's theories of oral transmission became well-known, when people still looked at Homer as a *written* work which had been added to and subtracted from while being *rewritten* (much like the JEDP theory of the Pentateuch). This was before it was understood that the Homeric idiom was full of formulaic phrasings from several different dialects of Greek and several different centuries, preserved like fossils, all mixed up together and used concurrently by oral poets. This book purported to give the "original" Iliad, in its original single-dialect (Ionic I think?) form, with all the alternate forms purged, and things modified ("restored") to fit the meter correctly. (Of course, large sections of it were also declared "interpolations" and removed.) Oh, and of course, all the digammas were restored! This fellow gets not only the Inadvertent Conlanger's Award, but also the Inadvertent Conliterary Award. There are many other examples, though, I'm sure. Ed ------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------