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imagining language(s) & more on Synthrax

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Monday, May 8, 2000, 8:10
In a message dated 2000/05/08 05:19:59 AM, Ray wrote:

>PS - I'm not getting involved in central Asia - I'll leave that to Jonathan >- it was his idea, after all :)
You gotta be kidding. That is one Gordian Knot I rather not play with; I am havin' enuff fun lingua-mangling & constructing my art-lang Synthrax... UPDATE (for those of you keenly delighted to follow my ramblings): Synthrax is shaping up to be a polyglot SVO/right-branching "mutant techno-pidgin" (or expanded/expandable pidgin). Tho' unlike existing pidgin spellings of words, Synthrax's morphology will be more or less recognizable. In Synthrax, the primacy of the printed language takes priority over the spoken. Dialects arise anyways... So far, Synthrax's polyglot lexikon will be made up from elements picked from the following: - techno-scientific Greco-Latin roots based on "comparative mutations" of GrecoLatinate English, Spanish, Italian, etc. , i.e. words like "canine," "chaos," "fractal," & "science fiction" will be Synthraxed - certain Romanized Sanskrit concept words, i.e. 0 (zero) will be _Sunya_ as an _hommage_ to the Hindu's early conceptualization of zero/null and in reference to the Buddhist idea of _sunyata_ and words like_jaganatha_("juggernaut"), _lila_ & _Om_ - certain Japanese concept words relating to aesthetics, i.e. _wabi_, _sabi_, _aware_, _yoin_ - poetically-charged Romanized PinYin words, i.e. _xing_ "star(s)", & of course, _Dao_ - certain "archetypal" Pidgin words, i.e. _savvy_, _blong_, _bilong_ -and various onomatopoeia words (especially relating to insect sounds, "industrelectronic age" noises, & music... mostly Japanese onomatopoeia since they have close to a thousand sound-symbolic words) - specific Synthrax concept neologisms, i.e. ChaosDao(-ismo), AnarchoFuturo- ismo, hedo-lila, techno-wabi-sabi, info-diversio <"infotainment">, gigglabyte, etc. Eh, you might notice this is definitely an art-lang with a highly specific "CyberModernist paraculture" direction to it. Maybe it can be one that is attractive to truly _avant garde_ transnationalists. enuff said, never enuff done... zHANg