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Re: Modern Føtisk Orthography (is fun, but l ong and on-topic :)

From:Tristan McLeay <zsau@...>
Date:Monday, January 5, 2004, 22:30
On Sun, 4 Jan 2004, Andreas Johansson wrote:

> Quoting Tristan McLeay <zsau@...>: > > > Punctuation is generally your standard german style, so with quotes ,,like > > this`` and random commas and capitalised Nouns. I'd probably better remind > > myself how the german random commas work. > > Would that refer to the Neue Rechtschreibung ('New Orthography'), which indeed > is "random", in the sense it is in many cases optional whether to stick in a > comma in a given place, or to the old spelling, which has strict, if partly > rather opaque, rules for where commas go?
The old spelling I think. -- Tristan