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Re: CHAT: Early Conlang Archives

From:Irina Rempt <ira@...>
Date:Saturday, March 13, 1999, 17:58
I realize I sent my earlier chat thing with [CHAT] instead of CHAT:
as a tag; sorry!

On Fri, 12 Mar 1999, Lars Henrik Mathiesen wrote:

> Nice to see you on the list again, Irina. You should have stayed on > until I threw the IAL'ers out --- can't have been much later than late > 1994, I think.
Nice to be back. It's really a lot better. I didn't have time for it between 1994 and now - the other reason that I unsubscribed - because I was busy having children (one in January 1994, two more in September 1995) but they're all starting school now, so it's a bit easier. Irina (mailing list address) (myself) (English) (Nederlands)