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New language: Ere:tas

From:Keith Gaughan <kmgaughan@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 30, 2001, 4:26
In a frenzy of work brought on by Caffeine, Björk's Vespertine, Radiohead's
Kid A, and the desire to put some sort of reason on an old dead language of
mine called Iritasa, I came up with a new one called Erëtas. During that
time, I translated the Babel Text to get a fix on some of the vocabulary.
Here's the result. Sorry there's no grammar, but it's all in an Abiword file
at the moment and I need to convert it to HTML first.

Odannesa ërehlonä oän erëtas estä otö vallën edäa
world.ADP this.DAT 1pn.ABS language.ERG one  only share  be.1reflpl
Lit: We once shared with ourselves a common language for this world.

Sëlassen nalto,
times.ADP those.LOC,
Lit: In/During those times,...

oä ëannölttö jolan ëhlökasä'l
1pn.ERG eastern-lands.ABS come-from walk.1subjpl.3objpl.CONJ
Lit: We travelled from the eastern lands and...

Cënarskä to oä salandäo öväan ëhlödä.
Shinar.ADP Ø.LOC 1pn.ERG homeland.ABS discover be.1subjpl.3objpl
Lit: We found a homeland in Shinar.

Sëlassen nalto,

Ellëdasana cëönnan detä:
'the people'.ABS declare be.3subjpl.3iopl:
Lit: The people declared to each other:...

"Stansö ast ërehlonä ällöndë". Ödëans dë.
'building materials'.ABS soil.ERG this.GEN make.IMPER exist.GRDV be.3reflpl
Lit: "Let's make building materials from the earth." It was so.

Sëlassen nalto, Ellëdasana cëönnan detä:

"Lendasan salardato ällöndë'l
city.ABS  tower.ABS build.IMPER.CONJ
Lit: "Let's build a city and tower and...

ahl sällarto nal vällestan kasë'l
it.ERG sky.ABS the pierce go.3subjsng.3objsng.CONJ
Lit: it will pierce the heavens and...

etendählan vallën ëhlödëanätä'l
reputation.ABS share go.1subjpl.3objsng.3iopl.CONJ
Lit: We will share a reputation for ourselves because...

ördoso daräsan onä ëhlöhlä"
fear.ABS scattering.ERG Ø.GEN have.1subjpl.3objsng
Lit: we fear a scattering."

Sëlassen nalto,

Däasan odannes ërehlö dëanëda'l
god.ABS world.ERG this.towards go.3subjsng.3iosng.CONJ
Lit: God descended to earth and...

lendasan salardato ällan onä Ellëdas onä anvalarën edë.
city.ABS tower.ABS making.ERG Ø.GEN 'the people'.ERG Ø.GEN witness
Lit: He saw the city and tower of the people's construction.

Däasan cëönnan dë,
god.ABS declare be.3subjsng
Lit: God said...

"Ellëdas erëtasan estä otö eressëato estä otö vallën edäa'l
'the people'.ERG language.ABS one only nation.ABS one only share
Lit: "The people share a single language and a single nation and...

oä avantalo hle
1pn.ERG 'unlimited potential'.ABS have.3subjpl.1objsng
Lit: they have unlimited potential.

Nëssatö nal hlan onä ërës röattösan etsceso
dreams.ABS yon having.ERG Ø.GEN them.GEN deniable are.3subjpl.NEG
Lit: The dreams of their (future) having are not deniable.

Kalden äöde!
Smite be.1subjsng.3objpl
Lit: I smite them! (Introduces a curse)

Sanëkano präsarnë onä hlan ëdëane!
screams.ABS animals.ERG Ø.GEN have go.3subjpl.3objpl
Lit: They will have the screams of animals!"

Sëlassen nalto,

Daräsanäa ahlalonä Däas Ellëdasana kassëlan äödedä'l
scatterings.ADP those.DAT god.ERG 'the people'.ABS break
Lit: For the scatterings, God broke the People, and...

lendas ahlar dëso.
city.ABS that be.2subjsng.NEG
Lit: The city was no more.

Sëlassen nalto,

'Bäbal' etscan dë'l
'Babel’.ERG make be.3reflsng.CONJ
Lit: 'Babel', it made itself, and..

lendasse ahlalto Däas erëtasana banan dë'l
city.ADP that.LOC god.ERG languages.ABS confuse be.3subjsng.3objsng.CONJ
in that city, God confused the languages and...

Ellëdasana daräsan ëde.
'the people'.ABS scatter be.3subjsng.3objpl
the People were scattered.


Keith Gaughan <kmgaughan@...>
I can decide what I give / But it's not up to me / What I get given -=Bjork=-


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