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CONLANG Digest - 14 Jul 2000 to 15 Jul 2000 (#2000-190)

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Sunday, July 16, 2000, 6:48
> From: Dennis Paul Himes <dennis@...> > Subject: Re: Conspelling > > > My idea (well, other than the dictatorial "alphabet reform") is that a > > reformed English spelling should at least try to *look* English (as > > opposed to Dutch or Spanish or Klingon...). It could do that by
> > on the actual _current_ spelling rules of English. (The biggest problem > > with a new spelling is that to the old spelling, so much is spelled > > wrong!) > > That is one of the goals of Vermont Revised Spelling. A lot of common > words are spelled the same or almost the same, e.g.: "Dick and Jane run
> Spot. Dick iz a boy. Jane iz a guerl. Spot iz a dog.".
"guerl" ?
> > [2] 'Air' is different though, closer to "short-E": air, stair, fair, > > bairn, chair... This might be because "long-A" and "R" tend to appear at > > syllable breaks and not together. player, mayor, etc. Not sure though. > > Do you distinguish between "fairy" and "ferry"?
Not that I'm aware of. People do that? Maybe that's why the dictionary has different signs for it (an â for 'fairy' and an e-breve for 'ferry').... I hadn't the faintest idea why, without a phonetic form (it just gives 'care' and 'pet' as examples... but what's the use if they sound the same?). *Muke!