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Re: Song lyrics (was Re: Beginning a translation)

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Saturday, July 10, 2004, 6:22
NOTE:I think I may have posted this before, but as it is relevant now I am
repeating it.  This is the Rihana-ye folksong which can be sung to the tune of
"London Bridge."
John Leland

Kivejoha-ye Kuvaroha
Dancing Song

Ka-ye kuvaroha:
Women’s song
Veba seka giyomi, giyomi, giyomi
He me (fem)  loving, loving, loving
Veba seka giyomi
He me(fem)  loving
yawa fufe-le
Night all-through

Ba-ye Kuvaroha
Men’s Song

Seba veka giyomi, giyomi, giyomi
I(masc) her loving, loving, loving
Seba veka giyomi
I (masc) her loving
Yawa fufe-le
Night all-through

Note: This is sung by a line of young men facing a line of young women. They
begin about eight steps apart: they take three steps forward one each on each
of the three repetitions of giyomi in the first line.  The second line is sung
standing only two steps apart, but then on the last line they whirl around
and dash back to their original position. This can be sung to "London Bridge is
Falling Down" though that is not its original tune. The original manuscript
has only 2 repetitions of giyomi in the first line and must have been sung

LANGUAGE NOTE:  The headings "Ka-ye" and Ba-ye" translated "Women's" and
Men's" are actually in the singular.  The modern plural forms would be "ka-fe-ye"
and ba-fe-ye."

Discussing translation, I should also have said that  as yet the chief
vehicle for
developing Sawelenedere is the translation of Hesiod which I have posted here
in the past.  I have been distracted from it so it covers less than 2 pp.of
the original so far.
John Leland