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RandWord (Was Re: Real Conlangs Here, Made-to-Order!)

From:David J. Peterson <thatbluecat@...>
Date:Thursday, April 24, 2003, 23:34
<<Random word generator and historical sound change
application for Mac OSX? What's this? Can I get it?
Does it cost money?  Sounds neat.>>

It's *very* neat.   I don't know if anyone else has encountered this problem, 
but when I'm creating vocabulary, sometimes it seems that I constantly stick 
to certain phonemes, or certain combinations of sounds.   With RandWord, I 
plugged in the phonology for one of my languages and when I looked at the 
result, I was like, "Whoa!   Of course those words *could* exist in this 
language, but I never thought of them..."   And the historical sound-change 
thing is a wonder.   It can do both historical and synchronic (e.g., if you 
have a phoneme that's [?] intervocalically, and [h] initially, you can write 
a rule that says ? > h / #_, and even though it *could* be a historic change, 
it could also be a synchronic one; it makes no difference to the program).   
But, to answer your question, it's not ready for release.   I'm basically 
Josh's guinea pig with the program.   I imagine it'll see a few more versions 
before he wants to start marketing it (plus, he creates it with File Maker 
Pro, so unless you have File Maker Pro, it'd be expensive either for you to 
buy it, or for him to get a license to bundle it with his program).   Though 
I think it could be quite marketable--for linguists, too, to test out 
historical sound changes in real languages.   As things change, I'll let the 
list know, to be sure.   It's very nice to have something like this for Mac