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Amazing, but true (Re:actions to the secret vice

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Monday, November 8, 1999, 9:50
>speak --- they just speak; it is the natural truth. (Those >who are multilingual may switch from system to system >but each system is its own truth.) [...] >Dan Sulani >
You know this is very very true... I can dare say that language really influences my mood at times... going from one to another. It is the coding of phrases that really manages the interaction with others when I speak... I can be talking on the phone with my brother and suddenly change to English and the tone changes... usually it has to do with serious business stuff... but when the conversation deals with remembering somebody or something from the past it changes back to Spanish, and interestingly enough if it has to do with one of our school teachers or administrators from long ago it comes out again in English... but peers are talked about in Spanish... my sisters, who were a lot younger do not do this... for them the Spanish isn't as much of an influence... I guess. My natural father is Portuguese... after I went back to the old country after years and years... he now lives in Spain... I tried speaking with him in Portuguese and he responded in Spanish... he apologized and said he's not very good in Portuguese anymore after 15+ years... amazing enough to me, but it really hit me later, he's got a new life, and the old days are vague memories, including his mother tongue... Amazing, but true. Since, Jay B.