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Re: Ant: Re: Delurking...

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Saturday, June 4, 2005, 13:08

Steven Williams <feurieaux@...> writes:
>... > morning, no less), and I'll be taking chemistry for at > least another five semesters. Fascinating stuff.
Indeed. I liked it a lot at school. But then, I liked computers more. :-) If computers hadn't been, I don't know whether I would've done maths, physics, or indeed chemistry. When I was younger, people at the local pharmacy knew me and sold me things like nitric acid 25% without problems although I was 13 or so (they even asked whether I needed fuming nitric acid) -- I always had good reasons for why I needed those things :-)) and they seemed to understand that they were making an interested child very happy. (Probably today, it would be impossible to happen -- people are much more distrustful: 'Think what could happen!')
>... > I've come up with names for a few chemical elements. > Okay, never mind, only glass, which in my current > conlang, Nem, is /lyám-an-k'il/ 'sand-crystal'. I > suppose I can derive the name for silicon dioxide from > that, if I figure out how to shove the word for air > /ìe/ in there somewhere: > > /lyám-an-amâ nàn-na-ìe-wa/ - sand.GEN.mother > two.PAR.air.COM = 'mother of sand with two parts air'.
As I mentioned once somewhere, probably here, there is a nice 'bug' in the vocabulary list of Fukhian: 'xodbag' (burn- + metal) means 'alkaline earth metal' and 'sodium' is 'padxodbag' (yellow + burn- + metal) and 'cesium' is 'cadxodbag' (blue + burn- + metal). But this is rubbish, since those two are alkali metals, no alkaline earth metals. And Fukhian even has a word for that: 'beisbag' (base/leach + metal) = 'alkaline metal'. But I think I'll keep that as a strangeness of Fukhian. :-) (For compounds (like silicon dioxide), I have no names in Fukhian yet.) **Henrik