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a couple Inar texts

From:Matt Arriola <azathoth500@...>
Date:Friday, October 14, 2005, 12:50
after a recent hiatus from conlanging, i decided to start something new
instead of resuming my Zu project for now. the problem with the Zu languages
was WAY too much indo-european influence. so i tried to get away from
everything i knew about IE languages, and looked to basque a little, and i
came up with Inar. it's a tripartite language, and sentence structure looks
something like this:

patient experience locative agent verb adverb

instead of affixing case suffixes and verb endings directly to their heads,
they're stuck together like in agglutinating languages and made into a
separate word, like so:

foot PAT-3rd.POSS-PL

peyat ya.q.far
scatter SUBJ-NEG-FUT

the only exception to this is the possessive case marker, which in an IE
language would come after the possessed, but comes between the possessor and
the possessed:

vidak t u sira
woman EXP POSS water

the basic noun cases of Inar are the three theta roles: agent, experiencer
and patient. there are also a few other cases and some locatives.

anyway, here's the tower of babel text:

1. Iner t wa tom da aka tme wa qgelu kori u ka n.
2. Ru dime zista n riap, qgomi yu wa kata Sinar saqg soka n beyon n, psu
saqg iyesam n ksat.
3. Ru dime niner n, "Yenu, midun yume on dime wakem yafar, kiete yafar kur
ksat." Midun tme ru ume psu ne ka n, ogme t scemar ol ru ume ka n.
4. Ru dime iner n, "Yenu, tagesor yu da muizge yu wa sod triu atia saqg soka
yafar miro yafar, iqil yu on terme zwakem yafar ksat, on yume kori do zpeyat
yaqfar xat."
5. Sate t imo&#331; n, tagesor yu da muizge yu wa dilak dime ume anak somiro n,
ziqil yad.
6. Sate di iner n, "Iqil! Ru tme qgadaksu wa tom, iner t wa tom ru umeme,
sie yu ru dime kferan kan. Kur yu wa sowakem wi ru dime wakem ka fuer.
7. On tme yenu, imog yafar, iner yuriu zdiek yafar, iner yu u arak ru di
yotem yaqfar yad.
8. Ru yume ro k kori do sate di peyan n, ru dime ketar n, tagesor yu zmiro n.
9. Ru yu olik tki wa Babel sate di iqen n, iner yu u kori sate di zdie&#331; n
wak, ru yume ro k kori do sate di zpeyan n.

1. Speech EXP and word EXP-PL ADJ same world POSS be PAST.
2. 3rd AGT-PL CONJ-go PAST during, valley PAT ADJ land Shinar LOC be PAST
find.PAST PAST, there LOC settle.PAST PAST then.
3. "Come, brick PAT-PL 1st AGT-PL make SUBJ-FUT, fire SUBJ-FUT complete
then." Brick EXP-PL 3rd POSS-PL that INS be PAST, clay EXP mortar ESS 3rd
4. 3rd AGT-PL speak PAST, "Come, city PAT and tower PAT ADJ top EXP-3rd.POSS
sky LOC be SUBJ-FUT build SUBJ-FUT, see PAT 1st EXP-BEN-PL CONJ-make
SUBJ-FUT then, 1st PAT-PL world SUPERESS CONJ-scatter SUBJ-NEG-FUT so.that.
5. EXP EGR-low.PAST PAST, city PAT and tower PAT ADJ child AGT-PL
POSS-PL person SUB-build PAST, CONJ-see PURP.
6. AGT say PAST, "See! 3rd EXP-PL clan-COP ADJ one-CARD, speech EXP
ADJ one-CARD 3rd POSS-PL-PL, this PAT 3rd AGT-PL begin NEAR-PAST. All PAT
ADJ SUB-do want 3rd AGT-PL do NEAR can.
7. 1st EXP-PL come, EGR-low SUBJ-FUT, speech PAT-3rd.POSS CONJ-confuse
SUBJ-FUT, speech PAT POSS other.person 3rd AGT understand SUBJ-NEG-FUT PURP.
8. 3rd PAT-PL there ABL world SUPERESS AGT scatter.PAST PAST, 3rd
AGT-PL stop PAST, city PAT CONJ-build PAST.
9. 3rd PAT name EXP-DAT ADJ Babel AGT give PAST, speech PAT POSS
world AGT CONJ-confuse.PAST PAST because, 3rd PAT-PL there ABL

and a translation challenge from someone else:

Fear the anger of the Lord!
He is frightening
his fist will punish us
his eye is in the sky

Fear the coming of the messenger
He is merciless
his feet are in the water
his evil has arrived

Be relentless!
stop the demon
tie his hands and feet
cut his wings

Prepare for the journey!
the stones don't matter
the milk won't turn sour
the candles will go out.


Redu yu u sate kiu t eqru ya!
Ru di eqru
on yume inol diriu qgezed far
qil triu atia saqg ka

Yenu yu u inerak kiu t eqru ya
Inol triu esuwa q
zag tme sira saqg ka
mesu triu yenu n

Inol yu kiu di esuwa yaq!
rodiat yu kiu di ketar ya
inol yuriume da zag yuriume kiu di wirus ya so
miyam yuriume kiu di tzerag ya

Ista ta kiu t yokem ya!
midun tme ka q
saluk t mewad qfar
kfarad tme vedui far


Anger PAT POSS 2nd EXP fear SUBJ
3rd AGT fear
1st PAT-PL hand AGT-3rd.POSS punish FUT
eye EXP-3rd.POSS sky LOC be

Coming PAT POSS speak-er 2nd EXP fear SUBJ
Hand EXP-3rd.POSS slip NEG
foot EXP-PL water LOC be
evil EXP-3rd.POSS come PAST

Hand PAT 2nd AGT slip SUBJ-NEG
demon PAT 2nd AGT stop SUBJ
hand PAT-3rd.POSS-PL and foot PAT-3rd.POSS-PL 2nd AGT pull SUBJ in
wing PAT-3rd.POSS-PL 2nd AGT cut SUBJ

Journey GEN 2nd EXP EGR-do SUBJ!
stone EXP-PL be NEG
milk EXP sour NEG-FUT
candle EXP-PL dark FUT


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