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Re: OT: English and schizophrenia

From:Fabian <lajzar@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 14, 2001, 16:42
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From: "John Cowan" <cowan@...>

> David Peterson scripsit: > > > Oh hey, that's right, huh? And, of course, Arabic, but I think
> > was just talking about Europe, right? > > Maltese Arabic (or Maltese, if you prefer) is spoken in Europe.
But Maltese has neither [D] nor [T], as an earlier poster snipped. -- Fabian ghajn f'wicc kahal ra ghajn f'wicc hamar dak l-ghajn jisbah dan l-ghajn qal l-ghajn l-ewwel imma baxx, mhux gholi