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Orthographies with lotsa diacritics (was: Ogoneking the Consonants)

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Saturday, May 27, 2000, 15:37
I wrote:

>John Cowan wrote: >>Kristian Jensen wrote: >>> Are there any natlang orthographies that use the ogonek >>> diacritic with consonants? >> >>No such precomposed characters are encoded in Unicode 3.0 >>(which is not quite the same thing, but at least means that >>no language hitherto used *on computers* has needed any >>consonant+ogonek combinations). > >Yeah, I figured that out myself. But I was thinking that >there are probably some orthographies out there of little >known languages that has used ogoneks with consonants. I >have seen orthographies of some Amerindian languages >with some unusual combinations for diacritics -- >combinations that are not encoded in Unicode as precomposed >characters.
I was just surfing the web and found a site that claims to have fonts for the whole world: I had a look at those for Native American languages: There are indeed some unusual combinations for diacritics. The most complicated I have seen is perhaps that for the Salishan languages: Has anyone tried designing an orthography equally cluttered with diacritics and special characters? -kristian- 8)