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OT "Coming out" about conlanging to people in Academia [was Re: Caryatic]

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, July 21, 2001, 23:41
Marcus Smith wrote:
. That
>evening we compared sat at his apartment with our respective language >material and compared till about 3 in the morning. (He had maps of his >world, detailed enough to have streets in the major city. I've drawn maps >before, but not street maps.)
Ah, a kindred soul. When/If I do my website, I'll include a map or two of the major Kash cities..... At one point years ago, I had the patience to draw at large enough scale so that street names could be squeezed in. Around age 12/13, I wrote off to various Chambers of Commerce around the country asking for maps of their cities and towns; most responded, and I ended up with a collection of maybe 100. This was in pre-freeway days, which destroyed alot, so I suppose some might be valuable historical documents now. Too bad my folks threw them away when they moved to Florida.............(At an antique fair last year, I saw a 1931 Rand-McNally type road atlas of the US-- good God, how DID people get around in those days?-- for $25.00 or so.)