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Tiny Ini Update

From:nicole perrin <nicole.eap@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 8, 2000, 21:03
Since my translation of Gold Sword and Red Crystal I made a small but
far-reaching change to Ini.  There was one line that said something
about "for thirty days and thirty nights" and my old translation of that
is completely wrong, as Ini now operates with a base nine number system
(get it -- nine letters, base nine, hahaha ;) ).  Also, the lexicon of
the language is increasing pretty steadily.  Right now I have somewhere
between 350 and 400 words and I have lots of ideas for more.  I've still
never been able to find a satisfactory list of "basic" words so getting
vocab has always taken me a while (doesn't it just make you mad when
people say "well, i have this language that i've been working on for
about two months and it has 10,000 words."  arghhh! </rant>).

Anyway, I have a question about Ini's new feature.  What do you call a
base nine system?  (You know, along the lines of binary & decimal)  And
what do you call systems with other bases?  And, ObConlang, whose
conlangs use number systems with weird bases?