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Re : Re: A Charyan Brothel Song in Teonaht

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Date:Wednesday, May 26, 1999, 20:56
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 26/05/99 21:35:15  , Ed a =E9crit :

> Boudewijn, > =20 > Would a very short dissertation on the use of TAN in DenDen be > possible? That morpheme troubled me as I worked through the piece > with Sally's glossary, and I'm afraid the interlinear isn't helping me > much. Otherwise, as you said, the grammar was very easy to pick up. > =20
Me to, it troubled me because i found that A tan B =3D B tan A (ah mais =E7= a va=20 pas du tout, =E7a, alors.)=20 Mathias