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The 2007 Smiley Award Winner: Teonaht

From:David J. Peterson <dedalvs@...>
Date:Monday, July 2, 2007, 1:39
The winner of the 2007 Smiley Award is Teonaht.

Most everyone knows Teonaht.  It's Sally Caves's labor of
love that she's been working on just about all her life.  To
hear Sally speak about it--or in it, for that matter--is always
inspirational.  That someone has been able to work with a
single conlang for more than forty years, and to infuse it
with the energy and life that Sally has is nothing short of
amazing.  I hope one day to be able to have a language I've
handled as lovingly as Sally has Teonaht, and I'm very
happy to award the 2007 Smiley Award to it (and her [and
all those winged cats]).

You can read my full write-up of Teonaht here:

[Note: Originally, I had planned to give out the Smiley on the
first Monday of June every year.  I completely forgot about
this, and instead remembered that I would give out on the first
of July every year (don't know how that happened).  So, from
now on, it'll be the first of July every year (unless I forget again).]

For more information about the Smiley, go to the main page:

"A male love inevivi i'ala'i oku i ue pokulu'ume o heki a."
"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."

-Jim Morrison


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