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This is not a conlang (moving off-topic now).

From:Adrian Morgan (aka Flesh-eating Dragon) <dragon@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 24, 2004, 0:33
Benct Philip Jonsson wrote, quoting myself:

> > The only conlangers I've met in person are Irina and Boudewijn, and > > that was when I was in Europe in February 2000 (it was Irina who gave > > me the address of the List). I spoke a bit of gibberish to Irina > > whilst on the train to Utrecht. > > You met them on a train before you joined the list? > You didn't meet them by chance, did you?
No, I knew Irina through a completely different online group, and we had arranged to meet when I was over there. Sally Caves wrote, quoting myself where indicated:
> Ah yes! Long time conlangers. So did either of the Rempts return with > same? :)
Irina responded with something in Valdyan, and commented that she wasn't able to produce spontaneous gibberish. Which is part of the reason behind my curiosity about whether other conlangers could do the same.
> > BTW, since you weren't around at the time, I'm vaguely curious about > > what you think of the significant events in the recent history of the > > list, in particular the flag? > > I don't know anything about the flag. What is this? I've only heard hints. > And what other significant events in recent history?
You'll find the flag on various websites, including mine: scroll to the bottom of the following URL and there's a section "About the Conlang Flag". <> It was a democratic process, and I facilitated the submissions and voting. I think we managed to choose a design that many people liked and nobody hated. (To be honest, I wasn't thinking of any other events; I just thought the question sounded better if I phrased it in a way that didn't sound like I was fixated on the flag...) Adrian.