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Re: Properties of consonants

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Monday, September 26, 2005, 15:31
Peter Bleackley wrote:
> Some of you may remember that my first message to this list concerned how > to merge clusters to form single consonants. I've never yet managed to > find > a solution for this problem that I've been happy with, so I've decided to > restart the process from scratch, and break it down into smaller steps. > > I've often seen a notation on the list that denotes features of phonemes > in > a manner such as [+velar][+stop][-voice]. Where can I get more information > about this notation online? Also, where could I get information about how > these features tend to evolve in different environments? >
Well, here's one: That's the first ref. in a google for _phonology, distinctive features_ and there are others (113,000 in fact); the first 20 I scanned looked pretty respectable. You might also try _generative phonology_. This approach, IMNSHO, is one of the best for understanding how phonologies in general, and sound changes in particular, operate.