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Re: Spanish and Italian _r_ and _rr_ -- for my Romlang #3

From:Santiago Matías Feldman <iskun20@...>
Date:Sunday, December 17, 2006, 21:04
Roger Mills skrev:
 > Charlie wrote:
 >> 2) When I lived in Honduras I was introduced to
 >>    the voiceless alveolar trill. Allophonic, of
 >>    it occurs when <r> is final. My American
 >>    often tell me they hear <sh> /S/. I'm told that
 >>    is part of a Caribbean regional accent.
 > Maybe more widespread-- I seem to recall that
somewhere in
 > his vast obra, Borges mentions that Argentines have
 > criticized by Spaniards for pronouncing final /r/
as "sh".

I didn't read what Borges said about that, but I
suppose that he meant intervocalic 'y' and 'll' as in:

'raya' in which we (Argentinians) usually pronounce
the 'y' as /S/ or /Z/ depending on speaker and age of
speaker, but not as /j/ which is the standard form.
(I'm talking about the River Plate area. To be more
precise, there are some other dialects in Argentina
where the 'y' is pronounced /j/)

also 'calle', the 'll' is /S/ or /Z/

and even after a consonant (not any consonant) but
before a vowel:


This doesn't go with final 'y' though, which is
pronounced /j/.
In 'rey' the 'y' is /j/ but in 'reyes', the 'y' is /S/
or /Z/.


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