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A bit of advice re University and such is requested

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Friday, September 8, 2000, 2:56
Okay guys, as some of you know, I'm now in my second last year of high
school, which means I have to seriously start thinking about what I want
to do in university and after once I graduate.

Several months ago, if you had asked me what I wanted to take, I would
have told you either Electrical Engineering or Computer Sciences of some
sort. I've gotten advice either way on the field of Electrical
Engineering, and I haven't heard too much bad about Computer Sciences.

However, some time ago, Conlanging came into my life, and I've developed
a keen interest in all things linguistic. So, bingo bango, Linguistics
now comes in to add to my confusion.

Now, in terms of interest in the three right now, Linguistics would be
#1, Comp. Sci. #2, and Elec. Eng #3. This could all change, of course.

In terms of difficulty getting accepted, Linguistics is probably the
easiest. The U of T website says that the minimum average required for a
linguistics major is always above 70%. Not too hard. Also, the only OAC
(grade 13) course I specifically need in English, but I need 6 in Total.

I don't know about the other two, but my guess would be somewhere around
80-90%, and the course requirements are much more difficult, but their
courses I'm talking anyways, so it doesn't matter. Only the performance
expected in them does.

So my main question is: What applications of a B.A. in Linguistics are
there, career wise? My ultimate goal would probably be a professorship,
however likely that may or may not be, but what can I do with a B.A. and
a Masters degree in the Interim. I don't want to get a degree in
Linguistics if I wouldn't enjoy any of the careers I can get with it,
although in a land without consequences I'd take Linguistics in a

Any advice you can give me or resources you can point me to would be
greatly appreciated.