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Jesus translation exercise

From:Jim Taylor <friartuk@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 11, 2001, 7:54
Oskar ha teroxas:

> Hmm, might make a good sentence to be translated into lots of different > languages: > > "Ef íslenska var nógu góð fyrir Jesús, þá var hún sko nógu góð fyrir mig!" > "Ef islenska var nogu god fyrir Jesus, tha var hun sko nogu god fyrir
Great! I really like looking at different translations in our conlangs. Here's the Xara version: 'lu Xara ha oras jilan xam Ixo Mixiha-ir ne xi a oras jilan xam isir.' (if Xara past-tense be-it good enough Jesus Christ-for then affirmative present-tense be-it good enough me-for) Proper names in Xara, including those of countries and languages, use the word in the original language of that place/ person, normalised in the Xara sound system. Hence, I've used the Aramaic version of Jesus' full name. xo kaxalme jilfejan, (with best wishes,) Jim. ------------------