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THEORY: Subject: THEORY: Cross-Referencing the Arguments of Consecutive Verbs, And Similar Things

From:Taka Tunu <takatunu@...>
Date:Friday, July 1, 2005, 5:06
Hi Tom,

Funny that you mention these "theory" coreferencing and applicative themes all
at once because I designed a personal language specifically to address them by
"naming" them litterally. The url is

As a result, to tag X as the adressee I use the locution "addressing X" or "with
X as addressee"; to tag X as beneficiary: "benefiting X" or "with X as
beneficiary" and to tag it the instrument "with X as instrument", etc. To make
an applicative voice I just incorporate the words "address", "instrument" and
"benefit" in the verb. That makes any words a potential "case tag". There is
also a switch to demote and promote primary and secondary objects. It's crude
but it keeps the language free from cases. Many natlangs work like that. I find
it way more logical and handy than cases. Same with serial verbs and subclauses.
I don't think you need several coreferences if you simply have one tag to tag
the start and one tag to tag the end of a (sub)clause. You rarely handle two
references at the same time except in cases like "the man whose PC is a piece
of junk", but in that case I write "the man who the PC of whom is a piece of



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