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Speedtalk attempts

From:The Keenan Establishment <makeenan@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 7, 1998, 1:16

My current project,Oc, started out as an attempt to create a language
like the speedtalk That Robert A. Heinlein wrote about in one of his
short stories.

I was already into conlanging *and* Heinlein when I read this
story.(What a happy coincidence it was.)

Are Speedtalks all that common? I've just come out of the conlanging
closet, if you will, and, I don't know much about the 'scene'.

I also saw on a website somewhere that speedtalks start out already
doomed. And that they mostly turn out unintelligible.

I just wondered if anyone else here on the list had some experience with
speedtalks. And if so could you shed some light on these questions. Or
just share an opinion?

As far as Oc is concerned, at this point I'd have to say it's not really
a speedtalk. If a speedtalk is a language that can say in one *word*
what is expressed in one *sentence* of another language. Oc can only do
that sometimes. Mostly because I have a prejudice against words that are
longer than three syllables.

And can someone tell me in plain English the difference between
agglutinating and isolating? (give examples?). I used to think that Oc
was agglutinating, but now that I've talked to a few people here, I'm
begining to think the opposite.