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Vocab 2.6 - KuJomu

From:Gracie V. <the1@...>
Date:Monday, November 25, 2002, 19:39
From:   Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:   Sun Nov 24 02:13:41 2002

1. me, I

(common only):

I: Éme

Me: Mku, Kum

> It bothers me that she is late.
Mkuamèdeswe jaloso tunk (It bothers me [something specific bothers me and here's what it is] she comes late) 2. quick Chad (short a)
> I hope that Sam is quick.
Tsaróm' swe Sam tèpyo chad (I hope that Sam moves quick(ly) - not sure a person could "be" quick, in themselves...)
> 3. preparation
> I think she made a lot of preparations.
Kua'm swe tehpèsso mahru. (I think she prepared a lot) 4. sum Tua
> The sum of these numbers is 42.
uTua na shenshifn zu katsekkdo (42)
> I know that she sums quickly.
Meseppswe shususo chaddeh. (I know that she figures(mathematically) quickly) 5. pity Mìché
> It is a pity that he did that.
Zu mìchéswe tehfesa ké. 6. pipe Their pipes are dirty. ... I have no clue how to read this one. Plumbing-type pipes? A sort of musical instrument-type pipes? Slang for "throats" pipes, as in, "they cannot sing because they're sick"?
> 7. dip
(noun): nàsh (verb): i-Vumu
> There is a dip in the road here.
Az anNàsh yna u-hara ya'.
> I hear she dips her jelly donuts in her tea.
Evoli'm swe vumu somumutia hna sochai. (I hear it said that she dips her pastries in her tea)
> 8. outdoor
> I saw him outdoors. (adv)
Satehrru'm jáshte. (I saw him outside)
> I want to go on an outdoor adventure. (adj)
Vle'm kyo na jashtwájo.
> 9. priest
> The priest says that she is an honest woman.
uTúlohk lyngswe sa'z anTomo xín.
> 10. pretty
> I smelled the pretty flowers.
Eme techum wafyuradie.