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USAGE: ei and ej (was: Front vowel tensing)

From:tristan alexander mcleay <zsau@...>
Date:Saturday, June 30, 2001, 2:42
>>And is there a difference between /ej/ and /ei/? >> > > Yes: /ej/ is one syllable, /ei/ would be two-- _phonemically_ speaking. > Compare /najf/ 'knife' vs. /naijv/ 'naïve'. Or maybe /pej/ 'pay' vs. /peIN/ > 'paying'-- but we Americans would write the latter as /pejIN/ I think. > British tradition would have /pe:/, I'm not sure what they'd do with > 'paying'. /pe:IN/??
Anything to do with australian or british phonemics i've seen uses /ai/ as a single syllable. /naif/ vs /naiji:v/ is what i have, /p&i/ vs /p&ijIN/. And, IME (experience), the brits use /eI/ for 'pay', unless they are northern and use [e:]. And so its /peI/ vs /peIIN/, I think.
> Even in US phonemics, there were competing ways of representing the offglide > or neutralization of vowels before /r/-- /fihr/ 'fear' springs to mind. (If > your dialect was truly r-less, you could simply write /fih/, contrasting > with /fij/ 'fee'
And, in my aah-less dialect, its /fI@/ (and /fI:/ for some others) vs /fi:/ Does anyone really have a /h/ there, or did they just say 'what the hell, lets shove a <h> in there for the fun of it'? Tristan


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