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Millenialism in Jases Lalal (long)

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Saturday, September 18, 2004, 8:12
Reading the Dajjaj postings (a very interesting concultural creation)  and
Norman Cohn's Pursuit of the Millenium (on medieval millenialist cults)  led me
to create the following millenialist texts in Jases Lalal, modelled on the
typical legends described by Cohn
(e.g. the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, or in some versions Gog and Magog,
being released
to fight for the returning Messiah (or for Anti-Christ), the establishment of
a holy kingdom on earth, the victory of the poor over the rich etc. This
version has some specifically
Jases features, notably prediction of the victory over the Mother Goddess and
the Son God, the two deities in the tritheistic Rihana-ye religion rejected
by the  Jases religion which worships only the Father-God.
I"Zabaz"  does not literally mean "last priest" but 19th priest. As the basic
words for numbers in Jases Lalal  run to 19, the 19th also can imply the
last. The high priests of the Father God take numbered names and so the 19th
priest would be the last. As yet, the most recent recorded high priest is Mabaz,
2nd Priest, so Zabaz 19th priest is comfortably in the future.
John Leland

Zabez Babvaxak
Last Priest's Coming

Babvan Zabaz babxaw hahho sasos zawyz.
Will come Last Priest to rule all world (in)End/Holy Time.
Babvan badaj kavav jahvy zajvy jakasyh.
Will come he from far eastern mountains.
Barxan za dawvo babahoh.
Will command 19 lost peoples.
Babvahaj Jabah kavav Haryb bavav Jasys
Came First People from Harab to Fatherland
rakav dawvahamaj ah babahah y babyvaxak.
but were lost these people (in) that journey.
Bablam davsaham ah babah
(It) is said were shut these peoples
dazux jakav zajvy jalasyh,
(by) evil king behind eastern mountains,
rakav lavsahaman ah babahah Zabuz
but will be freed these peoples by Last Priest
(in) holy future.
fahah babrahan dakah badyj ravav
and will fight for him against
Dazem fahah Dazen dabaryh
Evil Goddess's and Evil Songod's evil warriors
zanwy zanyr.
in future last battle.

 NOTE: Babvaxak is an example of a new class of nouns derived from the verb
participle (roughly gerunds?)  , e.g. babva 3rd sing. root he comes plus -x
participle plus -k noun
(specifically inanimate thing).

Zabaz Ma: Zabaz Zaxas
Last Priest 2: Last Priest's Holy Kingdom

Babvan Zabaz fahah badej barah,
Will come Last Priest and his host
fahah babgan badaj Dazem basahoh
and will take he Evil Goddess's cities
fahah barpan badaj badoh papuz
and will burn he them (with) fire
fahah babran badaj hahho Dazem dabazoh
and will attack he all Evil Goddess's evil priests
fahah dabaroh fahah Dames dabox,
and evil warriors and EvilMotherland's evil king
fahah babbaman Zabaz Dames babax
and will become Last Priest EvilMotherland's king
Rabsan Zabaz hahho Dazem dazasoh,
will destroy Last Priest all Evil Goddess's evil temples
fahah babsan badaj nawwo Zabej zabasoh
and will make he new Holy Father's temples
fahah babzahan sases hahha babah Zaboj badakyh.
and will worship all earth's people Holy Father (in) them.
Babzahanar dawab dazaloh y janyw bavav hajyw
Will not worship no-one evil spirits (in) this time to eternity.
Babban hahha sasas Zabej zazza zaxaz bavav hajyw.
Will be all earth Holy Father's holy kingdom to eternity.

NOTES: 1) barpy (3rd sing.fut. barpan) is a word specifically
meaning "burn in war or arson." There are other words for
peaceful burning (pabby and paszy).
2) babzahanar dawab (will not worship no-one) is double
negative for emphasis. Idiomatic Engish would be
"No one will worship"

Zabaz Na: Zabaz fahah Dakpa Babah
Last Priest 3: Last Priest and Poor People

Vablan Zabaz hahho dapko baboh babvaw babraw
Will summon Last Priest all poor people to come to fight
dakah badyj ravav hapky babyh.
for him against rich people.
Jabrahan dapka babah hapko baboh.
Will conquer poor people rich people.
Babgahan dapka babah hapke babeh hahho xakok
Will take poor people rich people's all gold
fahah takok fahah rafot fahah fatok
and silver and silk and fur
fahah jatgo gagog fahah tagom
and delicious food and fine wine
Gaggahan dapka babah jatgo gagog fahah tagmahan
Will eat poor people delicious food and will quaff
tagom fahah batbahan rafot fahah fatok.
fine wine and will wear silk and fur.
Rakav babbahan hapka babah jadka y zanyw.
But will be rich people very poor (in) this future.
Gaggahan badah dagod fahah bammahan damom
Will eat they bad food and will drink bad water
fahah batbahan danatoh hakah babkahajar
and will wear rags because did not give
badah dapky badyh jawyz.
they (to) poor people (in) past.

Copied 9.18.04

Note: 1) In Part 3 the original had the variant form
nah instead of han for future plural verb endings.
This has been regularized in the printed text above.
2) In many sentences in these texts, the pronoun which
should be the subject in the second half of a compound
construction has been omitted.