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Yaguello [was: Re: LUNATIC again]

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 24, 1998, 17:12
> Marina Yaguello made this same mistake, caving in to the same old > stereotypes about invented languages. Only HER target was auxiliary > languages, which she attacks with a personal vengeance that is unsettling > (most inventors of language are middle-European; most of them don't know a > thing about linguistics--which she "corroborates" with the remark in a > note that professional linguists don't do this, despite Jespersen, > Saussure, etc. etc; most of them are dreamers; most of them are > middle-aged, wear glasses, have pointy beards !!! --in short, most of them > are Nikolas Marr, which is the main point of the invective in her book). > I love it, too, when she plays psychologist, going on and on about Marr's > fatherless childhood--right after she's accused inventors of languages to > be out their "depth." But then, she never addresses artlangs. Tolkien > never once makes it into either her book or her index, but she does go on > somewhat superficially about Jack Vance and Ian Watson, because of a > thread she wants to develop about sf and language invention.
When I ventured to voice a rather low opinion of this book, you appeared to me to wish to defend it as variously meritorious. Have you changed your mind? --&.