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A name explains itself

From:Irina Rempt <ira@...>
Date:Thursday, April 1, 1999, 22:36
While doing Fabian's translation exercise I needed a word for
"distance" and the only thing that immediately spoke to me when I
went through the list of "spare roots" was _len_.

Now there's a region in Valdyas called _Lenyas_ (which would then
mean "distant region"), around the town of _Lenay_ "distant place".
I'd always thought the region was called after the town, and never
paid heed to why the town was called that, but it seems plausible.

The thing is that Lenyas isn't physically distant at all; its
northern boundary is only a few days' travel from the capital.
Relations between Lenyas and the capital are... well... a bit
strained, however, and from what I know of history have always been;
the family that has the upper hand in Lenyas don't usually get on
very well with the royal family and its supporters. This is a
connotation of "distance" that I hadn't bargained for...


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