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From:Emily Zilch <emily0@...>
Date:Saturday, June 19, 2004, 0:49
{ 20040618,1245 | Ray Brown } "From Nagari was derived the
proto-Bengali script and the Devanagari ("Divine Hagari") scripts,
which in turn have given rise to other scripts including Nandinagari,
Oriya, Gujurati & Maihili. The Tibetan script also can be traced back
to Nagari."

Don't you mean NAGARI or "City" Script & Devanagari or "Divine
City/City Script of the Gods"?

I always rather enjoyed thinking of Nagari as the "City Script". Sounds
futuristic-scifi to me. A pain in the ass to write, mind you - written
the near opposite of most scripts, that is to say making up-strokes and
right-to-left strokes of the pen, adding the topmost last.

Suddenly adds a new meaning to its complexity once you realise you are
making an inverted mental image of how it is written, don't it?



Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>