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Anyone There? and ThesZhes!

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 0:16
I haven't seemed to have gotten any Conlang emails at all
everyone still there?  Is the list working?

And in other news, i finished my Anth Assignment Conlang Project (i think
that's what i called it), but i forgot to scan in the finished product
before handing it in...i can redraw it, but it takes a while to write 306
little wordsigns (ThesZhes in Rokbeigalmki means "writing of drawing")
when you're not in a rush to hand it in to your TA.  And it wasn't that
fun when i realized that i had skipped two signs right near the beginning
and had to go do it all over again...
So, i'll have a pic of it and an explanation here up....sometime....

-Stephen (Steg)
 "You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathan, in the moment
  that you touch perfect speed.  And that isn't flying a thousand
  miles an hour, or a million, or flying at the speed of light.
  Because any number is a limit, and perfection doesn't have
  limits.  Perfect speed, my son, is being there."
                    ~ _jonathan livingston seagull_